Can see data if created by current user or system admin


I have a data set which is acting as a list where I have some pre-populated data and then users can add their own data too.

I want the user to be able to see the pre-populated data and only the data they added to the table. I’m having difficulty with setting up the privacy rules as I can set it to be Creator = Current User , but ideally I want to be able to do Creator = Current User or System Admin, but there isn’t an option for that as far as I can see.

Please does anyone know how I should set the privacy rules to achieve this?


Do you have a field on User that let know who is system admin?
You can use this field to set a privacy rule if this user is system admin

By system admin, I meant when I set data up in the background whilst building and it says Creator = (App admin). I can’t set an admin field on that user because they don’t exist in the user table

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