Create an admin user

I created an App that enable users to insert their own data (customer details).
I succeed to define that specific user will see only the data he inserted ,and not others.
I need to create an Admin user that will be able to see all of the user’s data.
Do you have any idea ? (I tried to go to privacy setting)

In the User database table, add a field named “admin”. Make it a “yes or no” field. Set the default to no. For your admin user, make it yes. Then in your privacy settings, you’ll be able to allow users who’s admin is yes to view all data.

Make sense?


Hey, thanks. I actually did it before but still.
I’m adding some screens of the setting, can u please help me understand what are the privacy setting should be for Admin to see all data?
thank u very much!

When setting a User’s privacy settings, the “Admin setting” should have the following expression:

“When current user’s admin is yes”

Just add that to your screenshot and you should be good.

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