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Hi guys! First of all thanks for reading this. I have build my whole application based on database that I made in general, not user specific. But now, I want to launch my application for users. But when someone is making an account in my application, the app still shows every data that is created by all the users together.

So the question is: how can I make my application user specific? so users can add their own data en can only see their own data, and not others.

I love to hear some ideas! Thanks.

If you want users to only be able to see their own data, just set appropriate privacy rules on the relevant data types…

Hi Adam, thanks for your reaction! Can you specify this? How can I set appropriate privacy rules on the relevant data types?

You can create a Rule for the User that simply says: When this Thing's Creator is Current User and give permission to find in searches, view all fields, view attached files and (if needed) allow autobinding and/or API access…

Then, for Everyone Else, don’t give any access to anything at all.

When a add data from a other account, everyone can still see this data in the repeating group, even when I make a new user, they can still see it

Sorry, I didn’t follow the instructions at the right way! it is solved now, thank you Adam!

Hi Adam, one question again :grinning. I want my users to select an data value trough an dropdown (in my application this is needed to start an e-mail campaign), but this is also the general data that is used. How can the dropdown be the users own data?

Just set the Type of Choices to the relevant datatype, then set the Choices Source to be a search for those things…

just an FYI:

Congratulations! I think you pretty much just made your app multi-tenant!

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