Issue with list in repeating group

I’m very new to this but slowly getting my head round the basics.

I’m having an issue with displaying data in a repeating group (data source is an external API).

When there is more than one item in the list that is being called through the API everything is working fine. Each cell in the repeating group displays the relevant information in the text box within the cell.

However, if the particular list being retrieved by the API contains only 1 item, the repeating group won’t display anything, not even an empty cell. It’s just completely blank.

As i said, if there are two or more items in the list being retrieved by the API call everything works fine. It’s just when there’s only a single item on the list that there’s an issue.

Is there some reason within Bubble that a repeating group won’t display anything unless there are two or more items in the list?

Or is it likely to be a problem with the API call?

Would you mind sharing an example of the API data you get with one item and then multiple items?

Sometimes APIs can change their data structure if there aren’t multiple items.


total_subs: 0
pages: 0

total_subs: 3
pages: 1
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Good job :slight_smile: you just needed a push in the right direction :wink:

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