Can someone help me, I'm having trouble with a workflow

So I have a data type called posts and I also have a data field in the user that is liked posts which is a list. I have a repeating group of posts on the home page, and when a user clicks the like button it adds the post to their like posts field only if their list doesn’t contain the post. It was working perfectly before and I’m not sure what happened. Here’s a couple of screenshots

I can’t see from the screenshots but do you have these as two separate workflows or as two actions within the same workflow?

If they are in the same workflow what is likely happening is the first adds the post, and the second one immediately removes it. The way to overcome this is to have to separate workflows, each with one of the conditions (contain, and doesn’t contain).

Something like this

I’ll give that a try and I’ll let you know if it works. Fingers crossed

That fixed it! Thanks for your help

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A user could potentially, over time, accumulate thousands of entries into this list, which will tank your app.

Just something I noticed, you may want the ‘last login’ field to be a date rather than text. It will be much easier to handle this data and display it.

Would there be a way around this?

You should have a ‘Like’ data set that has a field called Post that links to a Post. And if you want to display all of a users likes, just search for likes created by that user and each post with all it’s info is inter-accessible.

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