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Most liked this week repeating group

I have a charts group on my app that shows the top 20 most popular items (measured by likes).
now im trying to add a repeating group that shows most liked items this week. how would i go about doing this?

Depends on how you are registering a like. If it is just a counter then it might be tricky.


Have two fields. Likes and WeeklyLikes.

Set up a bulk action that zeroes WeeklyLikes once a week.

If you have a thing per like … then you could do something similar programatically.

Sorting a list on a derived field … i.e. sort this list by the (search for) count of likes between these days is likely to prove difficult.

ok good idea. i havent worked with bulk actions yet so this should be interesting. ill let you know how it goes. btw, I feel like you should be a moderator @NigelG, haha

ok so im in over my head here. im trying to create an api workflow but when i click api workflows at the bottom of the page dropdown, it takes me to the normal workflow page and nothing is different or selected. I tried creating a custom event using the “schedule api workflow in the future” action but the dropdown only reveals “edit api workflows” which doesnt let me choose anything. I cant find where to create a new one. any help there? Another question, Is this something im going to be able to set to do every week or am i going to have to manually create a new workflow after it runs in the future?

So, an API workflow is just like a normal workflow.

But you can run it from he editor, or at a scheduled time, or via the API.

So you could run from data tab.

You could also run periodically by setting up the schedule.

ok @NigelG so ive created a basic version as a sample app so you can view it. I created a thing on the user called weekly likes. On the page is an item with a thumbs up so you can click it a bunch and then it shows the weekly likes count to the right. I selected “this app exposes a post workflow api” under settings. I went to the API workflows page and created a new endpoint called clear (im not sure if the parameters ive set up are correct here). Now when i go to data and click on bulk action, it shows up but greyed out and says “parameter isnt of the right type”. I know i need to tell it what to delete somewhere but im not sure where. Can you take a look and tell me what ive done wrong?

The forum app can’t run API workflows sadly.

But in your API workflow you need to set a single parameter that has a type of User.

It will then appear on the Bulk Action in Data.

Sorry, can’t screen shot at the moment, Windows 10 has updated and hosed OneNote for me.

I’ll make it possible

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Have you tried pressing “Windows Key + Shift + S” for screen clipping? Windows 10 tied “Windows key + S” to search. :confused:

Drives me crazy.

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I know ! So annoying.

That combo worked when OneNote was in the notification tray, it has since disappeared after a W10 upgrade, and won’t come back.