Can someone help me please?

I want to include a “Virtual Classroom” and a “White Board” for an LMS project that i am attempting to build using Bubble. However, I am new at all of this and need help. How can I integrate a service like WebRTC or Tok into my Bubble project? Any help would be much appreciated. And how can I clone the app that is mentioned in the example below?

Example of what I am trying to build:

There’s some webRTC plugin. Did you check them?

Yes I looked at the 2 webRTC plugins that are in the plugins but I don’t know which one to use or what to do

I can help you build the UI, that includes everything that a client can see.

I can also help with the back-end but that would cost immense amount of time to achieve what you want like WizIQ. My advice is to try make the back-end yourself once you have the front-end templates.

Some of my recent work:

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That would be awesome! I like your design style, it’s super sweet. When can we get started on the UI?

Sent you pm.

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Hello @bzarnutz ,

We’ll be glad to help you out with this. Check your PM please.

Regards Ezcode Team !

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