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Building a videoconferencing app on Bubble?

I am looking to create a cloud-based video conferencing website where users can have virtual meetings without having to download anything (similar to Google Hangouts). Would I be able to create such a platform on Bubble?

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Did you find an API that does this? We can look at adding that as a plugin, but i don’t know which service is best for that.

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May I suggest Teamviewer. This will allow not only meetings but probably the developments of help desks. Anyways have a look here


To my knowledge every service has a plugin that needs need to be installed. I believe only recently services like Skype started experimenting with web video conference and I think that also has a plugin.

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The only service I know that works as a plugin is Video Whisper. It plugs in to Wordpress and Joomla. But I don’t have a technical background so I can’t code on either of those sites. Bubble would be my best option if it’s possible to build such a platform here. Here are the links for info on Video Whisper:

Have a look at WebRTC, it is the technology that allows direct browser to browser communication without needing a host server.

It doesn’t work on everything at the moment, like IE, but many think it is the future of this sort of communication.

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Check pubnub and tokbox. There are many companies offering webrtc API and JavaScript implementation. I am sure the devs here can make a plugin for it. Once I am back to my PC. I will post more info. Don’t have bookmarks on my cell.

I’m working on building something like this (hopefully on Bubble) and looking at API.

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The team at Respoke does a great job providing communication tools including video via SDK

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Hi Emmanuel, of the suggested api’s did you choose/decide to add one that allows virtual meetings?


No, not really. That’s the kind of features we’ll add on a sponsored basis, as it’s quite specific. But the list of options is great when we’ll need to choose a provider.

Hi Emmanuel,

So what are my options if I would like to create my videoconferencing site on Bubble? I see you mentioned that you could add a videoconferencing feature on “sponsored basis” but I’m not sure what that means in terms of pricing plans, approvals, etc. Could you kindly clarify?

Also, would I be able to build the site on Bubble’s current platform with the use of an API (offered by the provider) or would I need to wait on Bubble to develop a plugin for this feature?

I have million questions about this because I have absolutely no coding expertise and a somewhat limited budget to work with so Bubble is really my best option of I’m able to build the site here. I’m just a little confused on what steps I’ll to take to add the videoconferencing feature on the Bubble site.

P.S. Thank you everyone for the awesome suggestions! It’s been a great help

As a starting point, maybe use ?

You could autogenerate room names so they are (almost always) unique.

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Thanks Nigel!

Nigel: Can I ask you how you integrated into Bubble? Could I see the bubble editor view of it perhaps?

@NigelG Nigel I just saw this and am super interested in seeing the editor view of this. I’ve been looking for a realtime videoconferencing feature as well

So easy it makes you wonder how it can work !

I just put this in an HTML element.

If you generated something instead of “bubbletruble” each time … you would have a unique room to share.


Haha, really true!
This is actually really great.
Does anyone have any experience with’s video quality.
Did a bit of googling, and from what I can tell people find both video and sound quality good.

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I use regularly for my day job. We’re a $2bn company, so it works well enough :slight_smile:


It is WebRTC based, like Ziggeo, so should be peer to peer. Largely based upon your networks not theirs.

Hi Nigel, this is great! I got as far as the HTML element. My question is how generate something. developer’s site, shares a function appearin.getRandomRoomName() but I’m not sure how/where to do the generation piece in Bubble.

Any idea? Is it a Javascript block somewhere?