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How to build a web app like google classroom with Bubble?

Can I build a web app like google classroom? There will be an assignment submission session, material delivery system, calendar, test system and also a chat.

Yes you can build that.

Is there any video tutorial to build an LMS? If you know, could you plz share it with me?

Hey @minmyatswanpyae

The closest thing I could find as a tutorial is Bubble’s guide on how to build a Udemy clone, which you can find here.

So it’s not exactly a Google Classroom clone but I believe the principles found in that guide can help you in your app.

Also, you may have a look at these Bubble templates which can give you a headstart in creating a learning platform:

You can of course customize these templates to add features that you need and remove those that you don’t.

Hopefully this gives you some direction :wink:

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Sorry I don’t know of any tutorials.

To learn how to build a chat system I recommend installing one of the free messaging templates and pull it apart to understand how to set it up for yourself. I did the same thing before building my own messaging system.

For understanding the assignment submission I would look for free tutorials about uploading files. For material delivery system, it sounds like you want the teacher to post materials the students could download or receive via email, so look for tutorials on those topics.

Not sure what you want out of a calendar. There are some plugins for calendars that may be helpful for your case…one I can think of is built by a helpful fellow who may be able to assist with the implementation. @jared.gibb

The testing system is more about form building so look for tutorials on how to build forms in Bubble.

There are a few good youtube channels and some other sources to learn from. Bubble has a section of the site devoted to training resources.

You may also consider joining a Bubble bootcamp or looking for personal training.

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Thank you so much @divine.tmaredi @boston85719 for your help.

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