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Can sub-apps be duplicated as a primary app? +other Qs

Curious if sub-apps could potentially be moved “out from under” their parent app… kind of like duplicating an app but in this case branching it off as a new primary parent app.

Can sub-apps be hosted on their own dedicated plan or must sub-apps and their parent always move as one whole unit?

Is there a limit (even theoretical) to how many sub apps can be derived from one parent? 100? 1000? 100k? Unlimited?

Is there a possibility sub-apps will not exist in the future? Our business model relies on this one feature so it would be pretty terrible to wake up one day and realize this feature has been discontinued :slight_smile:


I’d be very interested to know the answers to @philip’s questions as well.

To your questions:

  1. We do not expose this, but we can do this manually currently and could expose a way when that becomes needed. So far no one has asked for this.

  2. Apps should be on the same dedicated instance. now once 1) is done (meaning we cut the connection between a parent and a child), then they can be on a different instances.

  3. We haven’t set hard limits, but as one sub app counts as an app on an account, users have been below 10 for now. If there is a specific use case that requires more let us know. Note that since the process isn’t automated to create the sub apps, 100k sounds quite impossible to get to currently (you’d need to click on the button 100k times…)

  4. Generally speaking, we have never removed an existing feature. We may hide to to new users but we wouldn’t take away the current system.


Thank you for the answers!

Regarding #3, we’re currently sitting at 10 sub-app instances. Our goal is to hit 100 sub-app accounts by the end of the year (it’s looking realistic at this point), in no way are there fears of hitting 100k any time soon :wink: I was curious if Bubble had a limit in place.

I would guess that as we scale more sub-app accounts, it will simply take longer to push changes to all children. With 10, it takes less than 3 minutes to push a large number of edits. Once we hit 14 we will need to upgrade to the Dedicated plan — am I correct in assuming the performance increase on Dedicated will positively affect the speed of sub-app deployment and pushing edits?

It’s hard to tell, as it really depends on the size of the apps. But if that becomes an issue we can look into doing this in the background so that it doesn’t interfere with the work.

Great to hear! I can only hope to have a scaling problem like this one day :smiley: