Can there be videos for newbies like myself?

Hello, i saw on the website that it taught how to make clones of famous websites and apps, but all those are explained via text. Dont you think it would have a better impact and be more retainable if videos were associated with the explanation? There are many who would not need it, yet there are many who would, for newbies like me who have no I.T background, it would be extremely beneficial and would promote my needs to keep coming back to bubble for more and also recommend it. As the famous quote goes
“ Tell me and I forget , teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”

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That would be awesome. Some of the bubble tutorials have good walk throughs.

I think creating a whole entire site might be overwhelming for a beginner. Would you still be interested if this videos were feature based,… like “Create a Star Rating Like AirBnB”, Create a Image Feed like Instagram", etc?

I’m curious though, what site would you like to replicate first?

We have over 80+ tutorials (video based) on Great for beginners!

Nowdays its a requirement, and a major one, as you know during the pandemic, it has changed many peoples lives and so on. In developing countries people are desperate, and any open window of “how to” or knowledge is being looked into. May it be a website, a small app, a banner, or anything small or large, people are committed now to retaining information because it will be the source of their livelihood. I am looking to make a marketplace, there are people who are looking into rentals, and hybrids with new possibilities. So any and all information is good, but teaching via a video tutorial would have a imapact of great positive magnitude :hugs::hugs::pray::pray::heart::heart::handshake::handshake::blush:

Great quote! I agree! :blush:


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