Bubble Tutorials

Hey everyone. After almost a year of being on bubble every day, i think i know it pretty well. I was thinking of starting a tutorial youtube channel aswell as doing classes that people can register for and learn.

  1. What would be a good price for courses? These courses would be beginner to advanced so there would be a lot i can teach.

  2. What type of youtube videos would be best? Tutorials, speed designs, explainer videos?

Great questions, and always love to see more people jumping in to provide value to the Bubble community.

One idea - I still think there are a number of standard capabilities that most websites want which don’t yet have great templates. One opportunity would be to: 1) create templates, 2) show videos for how the template was made, and 3) show how to customize the templates for your site.

For example, you could create a “Messaging” template and then create a best-in-class solution for in-app messaging including conversations with multiple peoples, responsive settings, include “reply by email” to update messages, etc.

Seems like this would be really valuable for community members while also giving you 2 sources of income: 1) the template, 2) the training videos for the templates.

Best of luck!


Thank you! I’ll definitely look into those 3 ideas!