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Can this be created in Bubble?

Hey guys,

New to Bubble but so far enjoying learning how to use it.

One of my dream goals is to create a website where users can set up and run their own gaming servers to play games like Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound and more - completely for free.

A similar thing has been done for Minecraft which you can see here - and I want to apply it to other games that have multiplayer servers.

Still very much at the beginning of my journey but can something like this be created through Bubble?
And are there any elements to take into consideration here?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.


I do think this is possible in bubble but you will need a developer to custom code your plugins and/or setup an API to start the script to dynamically create a server.

Hey Armando,

Thanks very much for your reply - appreciate it.

Could I trouble you to elaborate on what you mean here - apologies but I am still very much a beginner.

What does dynamically creating a server mean and what custom code will a developer need to do?

Well, you’ll need 2 instances; 1 being your bubble website where users request a minecraft server and 2 being your actual server where the seperate server instances are being hosted.

So if I’m not mistaken the flow would look as followed;
User requests a minecraft server → Do a call to an API to let the server instance know that it should create a new thread on which there would be a server ran → have a script create this seperate server instance

I’m sorry if my explanation is unclear, do keep in mind I’m not a professional on this subject.

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