Hosting a dedicated game server on Bubble

Hey Bubble community, so I have a C++ game that I have ported to the web, that runs client side (using wasm/js) in the browser. However, it is only playable in single player, as we have not yet implemented online matchmaking via WebSockets. Our team has a dedicated game server that we would like to host on Bubble, and it would need to work like this:

  1. Client side, the user loads the game
  2. Selects “Join Game”
  3. Matchmaker starts up an instance running our dedicated game server, user becomes the host
  4. Other plays that go through this process join this now hosted server

Does anyone know if this is possible within Bubble? Aside from WebSockets, we have also been looking into using WebRTC which is P2P based, so that would not require a server. We would prefer to use our dedicated game server if possible. I know Bubble is hosted on AWS, which is interesting because AWS has a managed game hosting service called Gamelift that we were looking into, but I’d rather stay on Bubble for our entire stack. I’m interested to know if we can replicate this on Bubble?


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