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Webpage with Bubble

Hi, im new with bubble. I have an idea and i want to know if its possible to do with bubble.

Its possible to build with bubble something like ??

Its a webpage where companys can search for workers, and workers can search for a job.
Its possible to create with bubble webpage like that?

And its possible to use my own host with bubble?


You can build it with Bubble, absolutely. You cannot use your own host, however, as Bubble is a managed platform and handles all that for you.

The only exception is the dedicated hardware plan (starts at $500 a month) which allows you to have access to the server and manage server location.

Yes, but you’re choosing from infrastructure at that point, not GoDaddy hosting vs Dreamhost vs HostGator. The choices of AWS vs Azure vs Google Compute are very different than working with static site hosting, which is what I assumed @yusaney was referring to.

So when i finish the web, i cant export the work and upload it to my own host? >.>

No you can’t export a bubble site to another host. As other members mentioned you will have to use one of bubbles hosting plans. but of course you will use your own domain name.

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