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Can users create a page based on another one?

Hello everyone,

So I am fairly new to bubble, this question might not make much sense but please bear with me. I wanted to create individual users page profiles based on a “type of content” page called “card”. A new user would sign up with an username, and it would create a new page with that username.

However I realized that every time a new “card” page would be created , the name “card” would be included in the url along with that new user username’s.

However, I wanted it to look more like that:

So my question is, since that can’t be avoided, is it possible for users to kind of clone a page? Like it would create a copy of the “card” page just with the username?

Thanks in advance.

Why do you want a dedicated page for each user?
Dynamics data is enough

It’s because of the url. The dynamic data is fine I juste don’t want the name of the dynamic page in the url as well