How to create a User Profile?!

Hello! I am new to bubble and attempting to make a CAD/MDT (Computer-Aided Dispatch) for my friends and such and our little group. I´d put this in there but it seems like they are more about selling/buying CADs.

What we are trying for is to make a place where other officers can communicate, work collaboratively, and so forth. But I´ve run into a problem.

I don´t know how to exactly make a profile page/dynamic page for everyone. The general idea is that when they click ¨My Profile¨ on the sidebar they will be sent to theyŕe own profile page, while it also is available to reach and view by others from the member’s page (without the button sending them to there own profile page).

So far, I have the Repeating Group which seems to properly show the users that have accounts.
The ¨My Profile¨ button works, sending me to my own profile.
¨View Profile¨ button works from from the Members page, sending me to my own profile, but needs to be tested on others.

One way to do this would be to have the profile page not search for the current user, but for the user that is being sent there.

Here’s a basic overview.

  1. When they click to go to the person’s profile make sure in the “go to page” workflow in the “data to send” send that user. (If it’s in a repeating group it would be the current cell’s user")

  2. Now on the Profile page you can search for “current page’s user’s xxxxxxx”