Can users signup with Gmail to detect specific received emails?

Hey all! :slight_smile: I’m using Zapier to make a post to a Bubble API endpoint when I receive an email with a specific subject on my Gmail account, extracting a specific value from the body of the email and sending it to Bubble, to then run a workflow. The setup on Zapier looks like this:

It works great, but the thing is, if I want to build a product on Bubble that can be used by anybody, I’d need to manually setup one zap for each specific user, and I’d need their credentials, which doesn’t make sense to any of the parties (it’s neither safe or scalable).

So, is there a way to replicate this behaviour fully on Bubble, substituting this feature from Zapier? I was thinking that there must be a plugin that allows users to login with their Gmail account, and then for every email that is received on that account, if a condition is met (e.g. subject is equal to some text I know beforehand), a workflow is triggered. Or at least, a way to make users connect their Gmail account to my Zap without me involved in the process.

Don’t get me wrong, I like how Zapier works for this, but it’s not scalable at all, as each user would need to setup its own zap.

Let’s see if you have some crazy ideas! Thanks for all! :smiley:

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