Zapier Plugin: User sign-up workflow


I would like to trigger an email workflow using MailerLite and connect this via Zapier to my Bubble web app. In Bubble I’ve built the sign-up workflow as described:

Unfortunately, in Zapier, the relevant field from the new user (“email”) is somehow not showing in Zapier:

Can you help me please? Thanks a lot!

Hey there @snowshoer,

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My recommendation for you is to connect MailerLite to your Bubble app directly using the MailerLite API to send your email. It’s easier and you won’t need to pay for Zapier :blush:

Thanks @johnny for this idea! Have you done this in the past because I have no clue where to start. In case you know a good source or similar example to replicate that would help a lot!

You can use the API connector, then first follow the instructions for authentication, then you can choose the different actions you want to do (i.e. subscribing someone, etc) here.

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