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Can we align a Popup to bottom of the page?

I need a Popup aligned to bottom of the page, I love the greyout feature thath Popups offer. But, I don’t think it will aligned to bottom of the page?

I could use a GroupFocus but I don’t think I can do the greyout on that?

Just curious, what’s the use-case for this?

It’s for a mobile app. Example, say you are on My Customers page and you click “add customer details” it would then open a popup at the bottom rather than move you to a fresh page. The reason I prefer popups over a new page is because it’s more satisfying to remain on the current ‘page’ you are adding data to.

If you want it stuck to a bottom, I don’t think pop ups can do that but you can use a floating group

Floating groups do not have the greyout feature that I want. I will have to settle with a popup in the middle of page.