How to make a user data invisible so that no one else can see it except the user who created it

I am making an app which allows users to enter there personal data. But the problem is that i am not able to figure out how to hide other users data from current user. Basically only the user who created it can see it and no one else. Also the repeating group and text input keep showing the previous users data.
Please tell what can i do.
If possible i would like to use Firebase database instead.

thank you for the answer but i am completely new to bubble so can you explain a little more and it would be highly greatful if you can show it to me within an app.

Good idea to add a privacy rule. Allow only creators of personal data to see that data and maybe add only if they are logged in too.

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@mangooly can you explain where is the option to add privacy rules.

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In data section,

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@mangooly i reached at this privacy section but dont know what to do after. I mean how to use these rules. I want to show the data of user in a repeating group and even after i made rules for this data then also it is showing all data.

The rule should look like this,

“This Personal Data’s Creator is Current User and Current User is logged in”

In the repeating group you should also include ‘Current user’ to the equation. So it would look something like this,

Search for Personal data (Add new constraint - “Created by = current user”).


@mangooly Thanks for the answer, i will try this.

@mangooly a can i just use this personal data’s creator is logged in. Because the statement you reccomended is not possible. If possible please tell.
What should be the data type in repeating group?

No, it’s an example.

You have to use the specific data type that you are using. If you save it under the ‘User’ data type then it must be a privacy rule for the ‘User’ data type. If you have decided to keep Personal data in another data type (ie. ‘Personal data’) then you should create a privacy rule for ‘Personal data’ data type. I suggest you read manuals and look at more videos in Youtube and try out a few more lessons. This is basics for creating your new web app.


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@mangooly i did not changed a single line in my app but still it worked the way i wanted. Just wanted to ask that now user can see there data only but the repeating group is not showing there previous data. It is just showing the data created by them in that session.
I dont know what the problem can be.

So this is standard way in bubble to protect sensitive data from other users?

I had guessed it was something like this (but without the login requirement), but I just wanted to check since all the private info in the data type is shown together from all users.

It’s nice that the solution can be so simple.

Yes @tom9 , its the standard way to control permissions for your users. Login requirement just provides added security as a user must be identified before looking at their own data or data they have permissions for (User type, role, etc…)