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Can we run a successful cab booking app in bubble?

I see that everyone creates SAAS applications on bubble. Can a successful cab booking app run on bubble ? I know making the app is very easy and I also made 90% of the app, but at the last stage I am very confused about the performance and scalability.
Please suggest me.


The soft answer to your question is “I think so.” I came across a tutorial somewhere that goes through using Bubble to make a clone of Uber. So I assume you could customize the app for cab bookings. I think Zeroqode or one of the other nocode resource sites also has a Bubble template for bookings.

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Hello @siddharth! :wave: Definitely yes, take a look at OnDemand Mobile App like Uber Course | Zeroqode Lab, it is the full curriculum for building such kind of an app :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agree, I use a theme from called “Booky”.
It was a great start to building a sophisticated booking system for pet grooming.
Trust me, the functionality for pet grooming and billing, re-bookings and the list goes on is a lot of functionality required.
Their support has been excellent.

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Hi Siddharth,
My answer would be, just complete your app and make it a 100% working app. I guess there are a couple of beta taxi dispatch software apps that is on bubble. If you still have some confusion about your app’s performance I would suggest you to visit StackOverflow from which you can resolve the issues. I myself a Taxi dispatch app developer from Miami. Thanks & regards.
Check out my taxi dispatch system and its functionalities.


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