Building Uber on Bubble?

Would that be possible? What do you guys think?

What is the hardest part to build do you think ?

I am guessing the in app call mechanics (which is some sort of temporary number) might be tricky. It would need something external to Bubble.

I’ve done this before, so yes it’s possible.

A lot of work though, the hardest part is definitely the calculation of the fare that is based on time and distance. For example, You can’t just calculate distance between the pickup and dropoff locations because in case someone requests a ride home, then you go to their work to pickup something and then back home, the distance would be 0 between pickup and dropoff. So I save a Location A and a Location B every 15 seconds during the ride, I calculate the distance between these points every 15 seconds and add it to the Distance-Final.

Creating that part will require a lot of hard work and actual driving with your app to troubleshoot the calculations.

Another hard part is the dispatching of drivers, you have to make sure it goes to the closest driver and if they don’t accept it then the request has to stay in the loop and dispatch the next closest driver, but you have to make sure you save drivers whom didn’t accept the ride so you don’t dispatch them again.

Here is my app, it’s called PartyCube - an app for partycars, it was available in San Francisco for a while but then I got busy with other projects, fun times though :smiley:

There is an on-demand feature in it as well as bookings.
There is a driver dashboard where drivers can accept booking/requests, track their rides, get paid and so on…
I also built in a feature that allows passengers to change the music in the car from the app, it automatically sends the requested playlist to the driver.

Here are some pics:


hey @cho app looks great - well done! - have you published it on any of the app stores yet?

Yes, it was available on the Apple app store.
It’s no longer available because the new regulations and insurance requirements made it hard to legally operate something like this in California, unless you have uber’s budget.

Uber knocking down the little man. I guess it’s time to drive for them. :yum:

@cho Thank you very much for your example. i am having an idea i want to test and you just gave me “green”
Thank you one more time :slight_smile:

what about showing the cars, driving on the map? could that be achieved?

Of course it can, mine does it but it’s more like the old Lyft cars driving. Basically just a 2D picture of a car moving on the map, it’s not like their current cars showing directions and being 3D.

App stores current position every x seconds.

Pricing would be interesting, but doable off platform I would guess (to replicate surge pricing)…
Anonymisation … Twilio …

I thought about surge pricing, my idea was to use the “Neighborhood” field from the addresses to determine high request - low driver areas. Certainly possible but never made it that far though.

Curious how long that took you to build in Bubble?

Consider neighborhood borders as an obstacle to that, also not every country has proper assignment

This was the very first app I built on bubble (it was about a year ago), it took me 6 weeks of full time work - 14h/day or so.
I think I could build it quicker and lot more efficiently now.

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Would you be willing to share your build? This would help many of us along.

This can be leveraged by utilizing your TWIML (Twilio) and server-side app (there are quite a few working apps on Github). Check out:

As long as the bubble app can POST/GET API, this is possible.

Yes, Uber use Twillio in a number of countries for this.

Have you considered Vegas?

How did you publish a bubble app on apple?

Awesome app! How did you set up the routing information? Like X to Y?