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Can we set state of a group after login button clicked?

Each of my pages are now groups (all on index page) because I am making a single page app. Groups are either shown or hidden depending on a custom state.

I have a group called ‘group-dashboard’ which should show once a User logs in. The login button displays a popup (reusable element) and the workflow logs the user in. I would then like to set state, but the index custom state is not available because the login form is a reusable element.

Is there a way to set the state in this scenario?

many options - but you can set states on the index page itself for example.

Ah, I have figured it out. Instead of using a reusable element, I simply recreated the popup in a group on the index page. I now have full control to trigger the index custom event. :slight_smile:

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I now do need to solve this because I have a footer (mobile style) nav bar. This must be a reusable element because if it’s a normal group element, the height is very tall due to the popup links which appear when a nav button is clicked. This is not an issue if the footer nav bar is in a reusable element because you can minimise the height and it’ll still function.

Below is an example if the footer nav bar in a normal group:

So, my original question stands, how would I set a custom state on a reusable element which refers to a custom state on the index page?