Can you access AWS S3?

My users are storing images using the image uploader element. I can’t edit/(or even delete) those objects from backend (assume because it’s a list).

Is there a way to access the files in any different way? Or do I remove the user’s image objects?

Removing them from the user object is the best way to do it.

Hmm. A crucial word accidentally got lost. Should be:
“Or HOW do I remove the user’s image objects?”

I can’t delete or edit them.

Sorry for the slip.

Did you get a solution to this?

I would be interested to know that if the file is uploaded to S3 using the uploader and then it’s immediately or within a very small amount of time deleted from users object… How long does it remain in Amazon? The only reason I mention this is because I’m using it for temporary storage… Large files 30 MB plus (obviously under 50 MB) am I burning some form of limit on the amount of file storage I have available… I don’t need to store them in S3 only use it as a temporary folder in effect.

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Is there also a way to access the file name to allow renaming of the files on the server?


@emmanuel I’m uploading a significant volume of files using the native bubble file uploader. I’m using the bubble aws storage although I could use box (I have this working) there is no way to programmatically delete those in box…so my question is this…

Once I’ve uploaded the file to bubble storage I can easily use the delete uploaded file but if the original filename contains spaces the subsequent workflow action to delete the uploaded file runs but the file is not deleted and subsequently my file storage usage is escalating at an alarming rate. I can’t seem an obvious way to remove the spaces from the filename using regex or similar. my rendered url after uploading looks like // …this works just dandy for downloading the file but passing that URL to delete the uploaded file… Throws no errors but the file remains in place. Just for completeness… I’ve obviously cleared my cache

Can you file a bug report? That’ll be easier, especially if you use a real file example.

will do thank you

Just in case anybody finds themselves here. @neerja quickly responded to the bug report and the issue is now resolved.