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[CONFIRMED] Problem with AWS / S3?

Dear Bubblers,

I’m facing issues with images uploaded in the built-in S3 bucket. These images are correctly displayed for some times, but after few hours, I can’t get them displayed anymore and trying to open the images in my browser using their url, I get the following error message from AWS :

I also noticed the images deletion (using the delete an uploaded file) takes a bit more time than usual, and also some times does not work at all, as images are still there.

So… Unauthorized to display and delete uploaded files?

Strange, isn’t it? Are you also facing such issues with images uploaded in S3 ?

Have a good day Bubbling,

same here. sometimes files are not deleted after a delete file wf…


Thanks for your feedback @daviddr17

Hey @Bubble / @eve, things are going crazy with AWS / S3. Some uploaded files (public) not authorized, and some files can’t be deleted. These issues have a strong impact on usability and stability, and storage. Could you please have a look ?

If required I’ll create a bug report, but at the moment I’m far from home and haven’t access to my laptop.

Many thanks in advance for your kind help!

Hello Christophe, thanks for reaching out, and please do submit a report so that our team can investigate this behavior!

Hello @eve,

I will submit the report as soon as possible when I’ll be back at reproduce, for the support team it’s easy : upload an image, then set a Workflow to delete this uploaded file. It may works some times, but it will fails also some times. And they could observe the “unauthorized” behavior.

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same problem here

I get that error when the file has been deleted from S3 (i.e file manager side) but not deleted from the thing in the database. So the URL is still sitting in the thing, but is no longer valid.

Have you deleted the file from the file manager at all?