Can you help me reverse this?

Hi, I have this workflow that load images from multi-select dropdown. And and it changes amount of shown values base on selected ones in multi-select.
But … when I deselect values in multiselect they stay hidden. Which I don’t want.
I assume that there is same principle as with state is yes/ is no. So can someone help to ‘‘reverse’’ it?


This is before and after making selection in multiselect:


Thank you

I can’t quite get what you’re going for. What is the expected behavior for:

  1. No selections in multidropdown
    – I assume it would show everything.
  2. Selections made in dropdown
    – I assume it would show only those items in the multidropdown

If my assumptions are correct, I’d get rid of the “when input changes” workflow and instead change the repeating group data source to:

  • Search for things ([whatever field] is in multidropdown’s value)
    – make sure to check the box that says ignore empty constraints

I could be way off, though. Tough to tell exactly what you’re going for without seeing the repeating group data source, workflow trigger’s data source, & the multidropdown’s list of options.

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I am sorry for description. I will use yours.

here is app: Assignment-test | Bubble Editor

  1. No selection in multidropdown
    All values are shown (my case images)

  2. Selections made in dropdown
    Not showing selected values. Showing only what is not selected.

And by [whatever field] you mean filed from database?

Also. I can’t get to value in data source. I think it might be because of use go groups. But except one they are mandatory.
Dropdown sits on group that is there just because of hiding’s and showing. And I have suspicion that I can’t get to value in data source because of that.

Got it, so my assumption for #2 was wrong. Based on your setup in the editor, I think the best way to go about it would be to change the data source for var - products repeatinggroup to:

Search for products: minus list: multidropdown plugin

There are more efficient ways to get this done, but that should produce what you’re looking for.

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I like it. But i can’t choose that multidropdown at the end. its not on the list.

Search for products: minus list: multidropdown plugin

Got it. How about:

Change var - products repeatinggroup’s data source to “multidropdown plugin’s value”

Then change the main repeating group (the one with the images) to:

Search for products: minus list: var - products repeatinggroup

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going to try it

I have to have problem somewhere else. I can’t get to chose multidropdown or get to value in data source. Look:
Snímek obrazovky 2022-04-01 v 0.49.30

Could it be because that extra group? I made it green just for sake.
(i am trying to build it without it)
Snímek obrazovky 2022-04-01 v 0.52.11

Still same issue. I can’t select ‘‘multidropdown plugin’’
I was trying to delete groups. @nnich19

Okay, one more go.

Try setting var - products repeatinggroup to multidropdown’s value via the “when input changes” event.

Then set the main repeatinggroup to “search for products: minus list: var - products repeatinggroup”

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Hi @nnich19 I appreciate you coming back to help me.

I talked to supervisor a there is mistake in assignment syllabus…
I am not supposed to use Multiselect plugin but Multiline input and turn it into dropdown.
I was said that then I should use states ‘‘do a search - filtered - everything in a list’’ to show images.

I do appreciate your help so much because I learnt something anyway.
I will tag you in new topics I am going to make if you don’t mind.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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