Saving blank value instead of selected value

Greetings, can someone please help me to change my workflow. I have save button saving value selected in multiselect dropdown. But I set it in way that saves nothing.

So I need to change it so it saves selected value in multiselect dropdown.

Here is app: Assignment-test | Bubble Editor

Some screens:
This is multiselect I need to save it from
SnĂ­mek obrazovky 2022-03-31 v 23.11.36

My miserable workflow:

Thank you


So, as I could see, you have a primary repeating group ("RepeatingGroup whole Multi select ") searching for products (without any filter) and, insiede this repeating group, you have a multi dropdown (“Multidropdown plugin”) also showing the products (without any filter). This don’t make sense.

Why? What do you want to build?

Watch out, because your editor is open to edit.

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I think I understood…

You want to show all products grouped by KIND and, inside each KIND, show the names of the products of the parent KIND in the multidropdown. That is it?

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I glad that you laught :smiley:

I am not building anything. This is assignment i got from a company I apllied for job. So you are helping me to get wished job.

I will describe it like retard on purpose.

  1. I have multi select drop down (Note: it sits in group and that group sits in repeating group, repeating one is mandatory)

  2. When i select values it multiselect I am supposed to set workflow that saves those in database

  3. Its saving blank fields instead of selected values from within multiselec

Thank you for your time and advice for edit. I have it on purpose. Its copy a its here so you can take a look inside and not to rely on my spectacular descriptions.

No KIND can be deleted. It was something I was trying. I apology forgot to delete.

Hi, I will tag you here. Hope you do not mind nnich19

You will need a plugin to extract information out of your repeating group. This is the best way to check the products selected inside each line of your repeating group.

You can take a look in Orchestra. It is also free.

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Hi @rpetribu I talked to supervisor and there is mistake in assignment I got. I was said to use MULTISELECT plugin. But instead i should use MULTILINE INPUT element and turn it into dropdown.

I do appreciate your help very much and I hope that you don’t mind if I tag you in another topics where I am describing it.