Can you not filter an RG with a Boolean?

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I have a deleted Boolean flag that I set to “yes” so that I can delete these records later with a scheduled workflow.

The challenge I’m having is that the RG is still displaying these records even though I’ve added a constraint of Deleted = “no” to the do a search for records statement.

Can you not use a Boolean as a filter?

Hi there, @treb.gatte… you can definitely use a yes/no field to constrain the search of a repeating group’s data source. Just a shot in the dark here… any chance a privacy rule is getting in the way? Can you share some screenshots?


Hi @treb.gatte :wave:
I think it is possible to filter using boolean
I did like this it works for me

Make sure to check in privacy rules your deleted field is selected

I think I’m set up like you are. So here’s the screen shots. cc @mikeloc

First, the middle card should not be appearing as it is marked as deleted.

In the datasource, I’m set up similar to you, down to the column name.

In the data table, the record is clearly set to yes.

And the privacy rule for the card owner has every box checked.

I’m hoping these keyboard marks in my forehead aren’t permanent… :grin:

Well, it certainly looks like it should be working. Are you willing to share a view-only link to your editor?

Just to check…

Are you comparing live app with live database? :sweat_smile:

Have you tried unchecking Ignore Empty Constraints?

You know, sometimes you are your own worst enemy. Thank you all for giving me pointers on where to check.

It seems in a late night coding session, I replicated the code setting the data source and named it almost identically to the original step. I didn’t catch the one character name diff in the debugger. So, once I discovered it, I made the same filter update and now it works.


Of course fixing this uncovered a race condition, where my visual is rendering faster than the RG supplying it with data. I wish I didn’t have to chase down so many of these situations.

I’ll be spending the weekend doing a little refactoring of my data source code. Maybe I can package it all in a centralized custom event for easier maintenance.

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