Filtering Repeating group yes/no

Hi bubble Community,

I have a question that I thought would be trivial, but it ins’t ^^
I have a repeating group. It contains a datatype and I want to filter after a field, that is a boolean (yes/no).
I want to see everything if nothing selected, and than depending on the selection the entries with yes or no. Therefore, I can’t use a checkbox, because I need 3 options.
Dropdown and Radio Buttons don’t do the job (I guess I am too dumb).


Any ideas how to fix that?

An option set would be perfect for this.

Yeah, but then the field cannot be a boolean anymore, but I guess whatever

Yes it can (the field on the datatype can still be Boolean) you just need a Boolean attribute on the option set.

Then just use the option set in the dropdown, and the selected option’s Boolean value to filter the datatype in the RG.


You are right. I completely forgot about the attributes, you can add to option sets…

I think we can mark this as closed. I had such “knot” in my mind. Thank you

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