Can You recommend a good reliable shipping company?

I would like to ask the community for possible recommendations regarding companies that can ship product to the customer. Currently, my company has decided to ship exclusively with the USPS but the company we thought could handle this business has made me think twice.

Firstly, their customer service isn’t reliable.

Secondly, they preach practices like this:

Thus, they don’t lead by example.

I think it may be time for a new partner that’s reliable and offers great customer service with a telephone number.

Who are you happy with as a shipping partner?



Have you used Citizenshipper. I am using them since last year to ship my goods. my company is located in dewalt and i monthly ship different goods using citizenshipper. I must say they are most reliable company that i used.
They ship every stuff including tools, heavy items, pets, vehicles , Freight, household items, special care also. and also pretty convenient to use.
And till now i am happy with their customer service also. You can track your shipment throughout the route and also can connect them with a telephone number.

Hope it helps

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