Can you refresh page with a new parameter?

Can a page be refreshed with a new parameter, when it is already on that same page? Setting a link to “navigate to” a page doesn’t work if it’s already on that page - it doesn’t refresh or change the parameter at all.

You can change URL parameters and/or change custom states.

Note - when you change a custom state, you have have other items on the page show or hide based on that state. As such, pages are highly dynamic. In fact, many people have built entire applications that site on one page and have different types of content fly in and out depending on user behavior.

Thanks @sridharan.s. Any idea if it’s possible to set a custom state within a reusable element, and reference that custom state from outside that element?

I’ve got a reusable header in my app, and that’s where the custom state will be. When I click on that element, it won’t let me change the state for any element outside of the header, so I have to change the state for something within that reusable element. Likewise, I can’t seem to reference that custom state to filter my repeating group, which is outside of the reusable element.

Edit: Nevermind, I found a solution. I’m able to change the state of the reusable element itself, and then reference that reusable element to change the filtering on the repeating group.

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Can you share the work around (needed)?

@JohnMark see the quote below. You can change the state of the reusable element and then reference that element.

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