Use SLUGs without creating new page

Hello everyone.

After a bit of research, I end here asking for the bests :sweat_smile:
I’m creating a platform that contains social interaction.
Users can view each other profiles and do a number of things like a message or follow.

I have created a profile page that loads information based on the username which is also a SLUG
or vice versa. Like this:

What I want is to eliminate the profile and the address to be simply with a username

Is it possible?

Thank you guys in advance

Not possible.

Thank you for your reply.

If it’s impossible then I have another question.
How to redirect the profile page (without the username attached or slug) to another page.
I don’t want the users to access it because it’s useless without slugs

Thank you again

Setup workflow “Do it every time” only when “get path from the URL is empty” and redirect to the page you want to send your user.

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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i don’t see any restrictions. why would you say impossible? you’d just have to manipulate the landing page to be essentially be the index and the dashboard.

@doug.burden, have you done that? I will love to see the solution.


@doug.burden can you share your solution?

I tried removing the “index” from the url and setting up the slug. But it didn’t work out.

aside from index, you don’t need additional pages is what i’m saying, and what i imagined he was asking

Yeah, I am not using any other page apart from “index” @doug.burden

Come to think of it, we need to request a feature to be able to dynamically change the names of pages to a slug if we wanted. like

You can do this with the service from

Hi Doug.Burden thank you for your reply.

Are you saying that the profile page should be the index page?
Because I want the index page to be the main page.

Or if I haven’t understood it well. Can you give me an example?

Thanks again

Mike thanks but I want to do it inside Not from other services.


I did it Ankur1

But for a second it shows the profile page and then redirect it to the homepage.
How can i do it more faster?

Thank you again

Hey Fabian,

Yes. Just like Facebook for example. Their landing page is their profile dashboard - no slug in url.

So what you would do is create a landing group and hide it once a user logs in and show a dashboard group.

If your privacy rules are setup correctly in your database, the info provided on a profile will be user specific without any extra logic required.

I didn’t understand anything :slightly_frowning_face:
What do you mean?

I want it to be exactly like

But I don’t get it. What should I do?

Thank you again

You can use with your bubble app

This question has come up a lot in the forum (including twice yesterday)… and the short answer is that it’s not possible to do this in Bubble…

Here are some other threads discussing the same issue…

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You can do this with the plugin. Just add a route for each user.