Can you solve? Sort RG by geographical STATE, not distance

Can someone figure out how I can sort my RG by users’ states (CA, NY, FL, etc) and not by geographical location/distance?

Database= When user signs up they enter their city/state as a geo address(field) in the “User” (type).

I can figure out how to sort the User RG by geographical distance however I am wanting to only show users that live in the same state when they click on their state. Example: User lives in Texas and clicks on Texas button then it shows all other users that live in Texas.

I will gladly paypal you lunch/beer money if you can help me out. Thanks!

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Have you tried extracting the state from the field that you are saving and saving that on the user as a text field? Then you can check for other users that have the same state based on that text field. Would something like that work?

Hi J805…
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I just found this as you messaged. I believe you/we are on the same page.

Here is what I found:
Enable users to input their address either at sign up or to edit on their profile page >
Add a text element to your group >
Insert dynamic data >
Select "Current Page User’s Address >
More >
Extract: >
Then select City >
Repeat from insert dynamic data >
Select state

I will get back to you and let you know how it works
Thank you again.

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Sounds good. :blush:

This was way easier than I could of ever thought. Then again, most of Bubble is easy but the hard part is learning.

So make a hidden text field on your sign up form. Have the dynamic data of the user’s geo location fill in text field. Then use “extract” and it will give you the options of what you want to extract out of the geo location. Then use that hidden text field’s value to fill in the “State”(field) on the user’s Data Type.

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