Filtering RepeatingGroup by Geolocation Country / State City

Hi I wanted to see if anyone else find this strange.

I am setting an RG to filter on a Searchbox type Geolocation. Date was saved as Geolocation too. When I filter on the Geolocation search, I get some records that appear correctly under state, such as, “Illinois, USA” an others that do not. The State specific Geolocation filter does not seem to work correctly.

Does anyone else see this behavior who is searching and filtering against Geolocation data?


The issue is with Google’s API and the search results. Somehow (however Bubble is programmed), when a geographic address is selected in Search, it doesn’t extract the State or State Code correctly provide an adequate way to filter the records. The results are so haphazard I can’t figure out any other answer. Any confirmation is appreciated.

Will extracting the city/state and searching via that help your case? You can use :extract after your dynamic data wherever you’re using the geolocation data to extract the city/state.

Yes, I can “:extract” the data to separate fields and create discrete filters by State or State Code, and that works just fine. The issue is when I filter by that criteria from the geolocation searchbox, such as “Illinois, USA.” I can filter the extracted State or State Code just fine when in its own field, but when filtering from the geolocation Searchbox result it gives very mixed results with no clear logic. Thanks for responding.

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