Can you specify when "We just updated this page" Warnings Happen?

My app has moments where it is really annoying for the user if it suddenly says “We just updated this page” and they have to refresh. Like uploading Gb’s of data then not being able to save their progress. So I was wondering, can you chose when Bublle can do their updates etc so the live version doesn’t do this warning outside of specified times? IE, I’m happy for it to happen in the middle of the night but not during the working day (which happened today).

As my user base grows this is going to get more and more urgent, anyone else have thoughts on this? I didn’t think it did it outside of the dev version changes but it does.

@paul4 - I agree it would be a nice to have the ability to schedule when an app gets automatically pushed to Live (in addition to manually pushing the app over). Have you made a request to the Bubble team for this enhancement?

Ask Bubble support. I believe you have to be on a Production or dedicated plan in order to have that flexibility.

I believe ZeroQode have a plugin that forces the refresh without the message. I know it is not exactly what you are looking for but it might be better than you have now. I haven’t used it but stumbled on it the other day and put it on my ‘to be considered list’. Take a look at

It does exactly what you are describing, updates the page/app without message.

Btw @paul4 its your decision when you want to push update. Remember all the changes done on editor are not showing in live only in test mode, so make sure your users aren’t using this version.

So push updates at minor activity in the page or only critical updates.

That’s interesting, ZeroQode’s is an element you drop on the page and AirDev’s is a workflow step. I’ve just tested and one appears to be as good as the other.

However @paul4, I’m not so sure I’m going to use them because if your app uses custom states to determine what a user is seeing at any point in time (i.e. SPA) then the whole page is reset. That would be majorly disconcerting if a user was adding data.

Looks like you will have to get up in the middle of the night :slight_smile:

The thing is it’s not me pushing updates from dev to live, it seems bubble are doing it. I didn’t think my users would randomly get the message but it’s happened a couple of times now. I don’t want bubble randomly making people refresh the page!

I’ll contact support, the community is so good here I completely forgot to do that!!!

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@AlonsC good call, it seems you need to be on a dedicated plan (support just responded). It starts at about $1k a month, so that ties in nicely with my needs as if the app grows to a size that this will be a real issue then I’ll have enough users to justify the upgrade.

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

yes, that´s the way to go :grinning: