Very surprised to see 'App Refresh' message on my live site - why?

After I went live I was very surprised to see the message ‘app has updated. Refresh… can’t use site until you do’ message on the front end to the User.

This message shows even if I have just made a simple colour change which is pretty bad since there have been no changes that should render the site unusable.

Why does do this? Is there any way to improve this user experience?


If you make a change and push it to Live, your users will see this message. If you make these changes on the development environment, and DON’T push to Live, but you’re still seeing this issue, then that’s a bug! If that’s happening, you should file a bug report for sure.

What the…? So I can’t have a blog attached to my web app - I have to use a separate platform for that? Since every time I make an addition to content the user will be told they can’t use my site?

Will this occur only if the User has not closed the browser tab? The next time they open the site they wouldn’t see this message … or would they? What if they have bookmarked the site?

The client I have built this for will likely have his app open quite a lot so I’m concerned that after deploying simple content changes he is going to see this message all the time.

I don’t understand why platforms like Wordpress don’t need to show a message but Bubble does.

@emmanuel can the app not distinguish between changes that are superficial and don’t need to show this message and changes that are bigger?

If you’ve built a front end that allows you to post blogs or amend content then that’s just part of your app and won’t require a push.

If you are changing the app itself and need to deploy these fundamental changes to your live app it would need to update for sure. Are you saying just posting content is causing the alert?

Hi Ross,

At the moment if I add text direct to a page in the backend and deploy to Live the User sees the message.

I started to build a login for my client that allows him to add and update content and save it to the Bubble database but because the text was being pulled back from the db, there was a significant delay 1-2 seconds before the text showed on site when the User loaded the page. So the rest of the page would load then there would be a delay and then the content he had entered from the front end would show.

Obviously that looks bad so I thought that I would just add the content myself in the backend directly to the page - however when I deploy, the User sees this message.

It seems I am stuck between a rock and a hard place - either he adds from front end and his app looks slow or I add from backend and this message shows.

I’m not sure there is a quick solution to this but I’d like one! I’m thinking we should be able to make simple changes on the backend without this message showing and without user being unable to use functionality that is unrelated to the changes.

Can you share an example of this setup?

If it’s taking 1-2 seconds to load the content, it sounds like there’s something fishy going on. It should definitely not take that long. As @fayewatson asked, is it possible to share the setup so we can see what’s going on?