Can you use Stripe Tax with the bubble stripe plugin? Any workarounds?

It looks like the bubble stripe plugin only supports dynamic or fixed sales tax rates but not the paid automatic stripe tax feature that calculates sales tax automatically. Is there a way to pass the parameter automatic_tax[enabled] while using the bubble plugin so that stripe knows to turn this on during checkout?


@josh33 did you ever find a way to use Stripe Tax with the bubble stripe plugin? Or did you confirm that it’s just not supported? thx

No - never did. I don’t think it’s possible with the current plugin. :frowning:

Will eventually build a custom integration if they don’t update it soon

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@josh33 I am running into the same issue here. any update on your end? how did you circumvent the issue? many thanks.

@josh33 and @JMA78 - were either of you able to find a slick way around this?

I put this on the parking lot for now, but will get back to it later since I need a permanent fix. did not research it further and assume (?!) will find a fix fairly quickly …

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Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately we did not. We shifted strategies and are going to sell via amazon in the short run.

thanks for the update.

Any new updates here? Is there a better Stripe plugin to use to allow for use of Stripe Tax automated taxation? Is this possible with the Stripe.js plugin?

I just found this post about using the Stripe Checkout plugin that I will give a shot at.

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