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Help: How can I automate tax collection with the Stripe Plugin

I believe I have the plugin set up properly. I notice in the field for Charge the User there is a checkbox to automatically add and collect sales tax. I have checked that.

I have also set up to accept and manage Sales Taxes in my Stripe account.

But there is a field for the Tax rate ID’s Source. I cannot figure out a) exactly what this is, and b) where to get it. But I suspect it is required, of course.

Any help would be appreciated!


Thanks for posting! These IDs can be found on the Stripe side of things. If you check out our Stripe documentation, you’ll be able to find specific information about this field and the tax rate IDs.

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Thank you! Seems to require a list or some kind of data structure, but not sure from the docs how it is structured or where I can find it. Improvising with stuff I’ve found online, but some precise documentations and examples or sources would be great. Do you know of any? Thanks again!

My plugin supports adding tax in a more automated way. Check out the Stripe Marketplace plugin.

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Thank you, I will!

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