Automatically applying tax for region (Stripe)

Hello - I’ve got Stripe setup and working for the most part using the co-pilot stripe plugin.

My problem is that in order to have Stripe automatically apply taxes for the customers region on an invoice the setting
must be set but it defaults to false and I can’t find a way to set it.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I’m using the Bubble Stripe plugin and seem to be having this problem too. Really need a tick box for this setting! :slight_smile:

Any news on this? Still can’t find a solution.

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I cannot be the only other user facing this problem. Or there is a better solution out there. Could use some help.


I have a solution for this, but you should use the API Connector instead of the plugin for Stripe, we did it already for a lot of application. The Stripe’s API Doc is very simple to understand. You don’t need to replicate every action of the plugin but only the one with automatic_tax enabled

Thank you, @capuanotaf ! Can you elaborate a little. Are you saying I should remove the Stripe plugin altogether and just use the API connector or are you saying use the API connector for just this function? If either case, does the API connector present the GUI similar to the plugin or do I have for create my own?

You should only use the API connector for this specific function. So don’t remove the Stripe plugin if you need it for other functions.

In this example, we are making a call for a checkout page. The call to Stripe returns a URL that can be used for the Stripe checkout page.

Then, you need to set “automatic tax” to true:

I’m not familiar with your specific use case, but it should be something similar, and you must have some experience with the Bubble API Connector.

I forgot to say, when a checkout or payment intent is made with automatic tax enabled it will automatically apply the tax based on available region so the invoice will be generated with the required taxes

Hey capu, this is exactly what I need, but I’m not sure how to implement it. I’m using the Stripe Checkout-plugin, in order to direct users towards a Stripe Checkout portal. Everything works well, except that Stripe tells me to implement this: ‘automatic_tax[enabled]=true’ through Bubble.

Do I have to make that call only once, or every time a customer is directed to Stripe Checkout? I don’t think the Stripe Checkout plugin (it’s a 3rd party one) uses the API Connector.

You have two approaches to follow: one involves using plugins, while the other utilizes API calls. For a checkout page, whether it’s for the portal or not, you can either opt for a plugin or create your own API call. However, the crucial point here is that Stripe is requesting this because there may be automatic tax settings enabled in your Stripe dashboard, which also need to be incorporated into the call that the plugin executes in the background. The issue arises because the plugin doesn’t offer an option for automatic tax. So, you have two options: either remove automatic tax from your Stripe dashboard and use the plugin, or utilize automatic tax with the API connector and an API call.