Stripe Plugin: Checkout Session Error Handling


I’m experiencing some issues with the official Stripe plugin by Bubble during checkout sessions.

It seems that if the payment is unsuccessful for any reason, all subsequent steps in the workflow after the “charge user” step, which initializes the checkout session, are not ran and the workflow just dies upon redirection back to my bubble app.

There’s no error thrown that could trigger another workflow to handle errors.

My questions:

  1. Is it possible to get the payment intent when the checkout session is created? Seems like I can’t run any workflows after the user is redirected back to my bubble app from the checkout session.

  2. Clearly, theres something happening where bubble knows NOT to proceed with the workflow when the payment is unsuccessful. I see no parameters being sent back upon redirection. How does bubble know? If I can figure that out, maybe I can create logic around that.

  3. Does anyone know how to simulate this? When testing with Stripe, the cards they give you for error validation throw the errors within the checkout session’s UI. I want to simulate where the payment fails between the redirect back to the page.

Thank you!