Cannot access a group within a repeating group in a workflow

Hi all,

I have a group within a repeating group cell.
I’m using this group as a button to select the cell and add it to a list state on the repeating group. This is working as expected.
When I submit an entry, the list is writing to the database as I need, however, when I try to reset all of the elements in the form, I cannot see the repeating group to set it’s custom state back to ‘no’ so it deselects.
No matter which way I try to access this group from something else (including on a ‘when a condition is met’ workflow), I am unable to access this element…?

I have repeating groups with elements in other areas in my app that I can access without any problem, but cannot with this. I have removed the repeating group and tried creating again but it did not solve the problem. Has anyone had this same experience? Been able to resolve it?


You can access elements inside a rep group if the context is already inside the rep group, otherwise we can’t tell which cell you’re referring to.

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Thanks for the response Emmanuel.
I’m not quite following. When you’re referring to context, do you mean that the group refers to the ‘current cell’?
The group inside repeating group cell refers to the cell as its data source. Is this the context you are referring to or is there something else I am missing?


no, the element that you’re in the context of. For instance, if a button is clicked, if the button is inside the repeating group it’ll be able to refer to the group, otherwise not.

Can you share your app and show where this situation is?

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Ok. Thanks Emmanuel, I get what you’re saying.
I’ll email support to share my app as I’d like to get some advice on some different approaches to this as it’s really important that I can reset these selected values after the submission has been made.


Can you do this publicly instead of email? That way everybody learns, emails are more for bugs.

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Hey @emmanuel and @lyndon.apthorpe ! So I’m actually having a similar issue.

I made a drawing (on pen & paper) to help illustrate what I’m trying to build

So here’s the deal…

I’m trying to build a collapsable menu with my repeating group. Here’s a drawing of the default state of the menu. It is a simple repeating group with a simple text/group inside

When I click the “plus sign icon” next to Header 1, I would like to reveal another repeating group of Subheaders beneath that header. Here’s a drawing of what that might look like

Finally, I want to click the “plus sign icon” next to Header 1 and reveal a group beneath the Subheader that has text from my database in it.

How can I set this up? When I try to put a workflow on the “plus sign icon” I cannot access the groups inside the repeating group. Should I make changes to a database field and set conditional show/hide setting on all the groups to show when that database field is a certain value?

How would you recommend tackling this?


Been a while on here. I’ll have a think about this and come back to you with something.
Have you progressed further at all?


Hi @twr2105 and @lyndon.apthorpe I think this can be done using nested repeating groups and collapsible groups (similar to @raymond’s example widget below)

Here’s an example I made in the forum app of your mockup design (not sure if I’ve got the data structure part 100% correct but I think it works :slight_smile: )




Brilliant, I have being trying to figure out to do exactly this thanks :+1:

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Hey! I have the exact same layout/functionality – did you end up figuring it out?

The forum preview stuff that guy posted aren’t working

bump, how can we work with elements in a repeating group from a workflow

What do you want to achieve exactly? Multiple roads lead to Rome… :grinning:

I have the same issue. I’m not able to access the input field in workflow action of button which is outside of RG.

I tried putting custom state On the outside RG. But not able to implement exactly what i want.