Issue with changing state of elements inside repeating group

Hello Bubble forum,

I am building a chatbot application with two parts: a group that displays messages (which are shown in a repeating group inside the main group), and a group with a text field for composing a message and a send button.

My goal is to change the state of the message element when the user clicks the send button. However, I have encountered an issue where the elements inside the repeating group are not available dropdown when I attempt to do this using a workflow.

The general app structure looks like this:

I would appreciate any insights or solutions to this problem. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi Faheem. You cannot look ‘inside’ a repeating group. The only solution is to pass information using custom states. You can create a custom state in the RG and use the workflow to pass information to it. Then use the elements inside the RG to pickup the information from the custom state.

I like to work the other way around. As @kwame said, you can’t look inside an RG as the group/item won’t exist until it’s populated with data. I have stored data in Custom States outside of the RG, as suggested above (think outside the box!!!). You’d need to have a reset, set “” to ensure that if the data in the RG changes, the data in the Custom State will also change.

Dear @kwame and @philip2 ,

Thank you for your responses to my question. Your suggestions for using custom states to update elements within the repeating group were very helpful.

However, I have one additional requirement that I hope you can help me with. I only want the latest message element to be affected by the custom state. The other messages should not be affected.

Is there a way to accomplish this using custom states, or is there another solution you can recommend?

Thank you for your help and advice.

Is it a visual change that you want only for the last item? I’ve used ‘Cell Index’ values in Conditional before.

Current Cell’s Index is 1 - Make it Blue… or something.

If it’s the last number then you could count the list in the rg and then if the current cell index = count of RG then make it Blue… or something!

@kwame, @philip2

I wanted to thank you both for your helpful responses to my question about my app. Thanks to your suggestions and insights, I was able to find a solution to the issue.

Special thanks to @philip2 for answering more in-depth questions.

Your contributions were truly priceless, and I appreciate your willingness to help.

Best Regards,

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You’re welcome @Mhd_Faheem. This forum has saved my (app) life a few times, so happy to return the favour :slight_smile:


The power of this community cannot be measured in WUs!

Pass on any help you can in the future!


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