Elements in repeating groups don't show in workflow

Good evening. I’m trying to detect when the user clicks on the page, so it changes the value of a custom state of an element within a repeating group. However, that apparently isn’t possible. When I try to select the element to change the state of, the elements within repeating groups do not appear. For clarity, I’m trying to change the value in all the cells of the repeating group, but I’d also like to see how it would be done within a single cell.
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How would I be able to change custom states in elements within repeating groups?

Via interaction with elements within those repeating groups, as one example.

More specifically, I should say, “interaction with elements in the CELL of a repeating group”.

But in this case, I want to change the custom state when the mouse is clicked. I can’t make that from within an element in the repeating group. That is the problem I’m trying to solve

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