Cannot capture unique id

Please take a look at this image. I want to capture the unique id but cannot do so or maybe I am doing something wrong. I am able to catch the other fields. Project ID is numeric field. I am trying to copy some values of the Current Page Project (from the Project table) to Project Members Table.


Hi @mjaitly123 ,
i don’t know if i can help since i’m new to bubble, but usually when it’s red like this, you should get a message “1 issue” in the top bar which explains what is the problem. What does it say for you ?

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It’s obviously a datatype mismatch…

What type of data is your Project ID field?

I tried both numeric and Project type (based on the project table0 but neither works.

Unique ID is a text - so if you need to store the unique ID it needs to be a text field…

Having said that, why do you need to store the unique ID of the project? Can’t you just store the Project directly in a Project field?

Thanks, its working now. However I no longer need to store the unique id.

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