Cannot delete a page - errors

Anyone else not being able to delete large pages? I already confirmed it’s a bug from bubble support but apparently it hasn’t been fixed yet. I’m getting impatient since it’s been a week and I won’t be able to push an update to my app until they take care of this issue. Seems while trying to delete a large page it broke half way through and I have over 1,000 errors now and can’t push an update till it’s fixed. Seems like sort of an important bug to fix.

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YES. Extremely frustrating. The editor crashes too, every few minutes (Editor crashing bug filed weeks ago) as well as this bug (related) filed a week ago as well with no fix to either.

I was able to append the &tab=tabs-1&issues_off=true to the url.

Reload the page, then push to production. It disables the error checker.

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Ya. That’s not a good fix though. How do I know if I have other errors not related to the deleting of the page? @Bubble , this is a serious issue that really needs to be fixed.

I wonder how many more are dealing with this issue and just get the response “We were able to confirm the issue on our end, and will communicate with our engineering team about this. Although we can’t commit to a definite timeline right now, they will look into the issue shortly and we will get back to you as soon as it is fixed.“

I had the same issue. I was able to delete a whole page after I’ve removed its childs.

Hey @J805, my apologies -

I meant at least for my use case, I just needed to push a small quick fix so it did the trick. But you’re 100% right.

And yes, I get the canned response every single time. It seems as though after the time of bubble’s release of their funding situation, support has shown to be performing extremely poorly. One would think that if user(s) are unable to delete pages, constant editor crashing, etc. that this would be escalated.

Hoping they can use some of that funding to hire support reps and additional engineers to help remediate these issues.

*Adding to this point, I had the frustration that the editor crashes every time I try to delete the possible error(s) that may be causing the prevention of the deletion of the page. So I kind of get stuck in a loop.

Hi @J805

I feel like you’ll have no choice but to copy the LIVE to DEV and resume from this place.

I do backups on a regular basis to prevent this phenomenon. But when a file gets corrupted, even for Bubble, I assume it’s not an easy task, and even see impossible (in term of time). I have experienced this situation and I have reacted in the manner indicated.

Hello everyone! We understand that bugs are super frustrating for our users, and do what we can to reduce their frequency. Bugs like these, where multiple users report app-breaking behaviors, are top priority for us, but it does still take time to determine where the issue comes from and develop a fix.

I want to assure you that our team is working to hire new engineers and support staff (like myself!) to make sure that we can efficiently address client concerns. Our support team is responsible for pinpointing buggy behavior and doing what we can to provide users with a temporary workaround, if one is possible; once we have done so, it is up to our engineers to take the information we have gathered and issue a fix. The canned reply is used for convenience so that we can move on to the next problem quicker, but please be assured that it does mean that your problem has been escalated.

If you are experiencing this issue and have not reported it to our team via email, please do so; the more occurrences of this we have, the easier it is to find the thing that all the apps have in common, and the more we are able to prioritize the solution.


Welcome to the Bubble team @eve. I hope you can understand how this affects businesses. I used to have over 100 regular customers and over 1,000 users. Now I’m down to less than 50. Do you see how this might be important to us when things break and it’s out of our control to fix it? I’m just glad I haven’t quit my day job because I need to rely on it to keep me afloat. Just wish Bubble were more reliable to make a real business. I can’t say that I trust bubble enough to put my family and our livelihood on the line. Just keeps me searching for other solutions besides bubble.

Thanks for that. :+1: I have been trying but it took me an hour just to delete 5-10 elements and at this rate it will take me a month to delete the page.

No apologies necessary. At least I know I’m not alone. Just frustrating and disappointing because I have spent so much time over the last three years invested in bubble.


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