Cannot deploy to live, error message: "Behind Live"

Need help…

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I have this error message as well. Currently working with support. But bumping this thread in case anyone has a resolution.

This error message followed a series of what seemed to me to be bugs on bubbles end.

First, it forced me to sync my app with the live version


But, my live version has bugs, which is why I’m developing and trying to overwrite it through deploy. This sync operation just overwrites my developer version with the live version and brings back all the bugs.

If I press “Live updated 11 hours ago” it will sync it and take me to a live (read-only) version in the developer, then if I go back to development mode and there is a conflict resolution pop up, I can resolve all the conflicts in favor of the development version. Then I can revert to my save point that is free of bugs.

But, upon deploying this “good version” I get the error message that it cannot deploy - behind live. After a while the forced sync error message comes back up and I start all over again.

Pretty close to just restarting the entire project…

I am curious if anyone found a solution for this?

Hey all,

I filed a bug report when I had this issue and @aless and @carla to fix the issue, but if you’re still experiencing something like this you should file a bug report.

I’ve just encountered the same problem. It’s pretty maddening. I’ve filed a bug report, so perhaps we’ll know more soon. :crossed_fingers:

Until this gets fixed, here’s an update on the workaround for anyone who encounters this issue. (It did work for me.)

We’ve been seeing similar behaviors recently and our engineering team has been actively investigating them. Generally, the fix is to wait an hour or so to see if the errors go away. I realize that’s not the most ideal workaround, but until we are able to get to the root of what’s causing this, it’s what our engineering team has recommended when this happens.

Did you get the solution?

Hey @KeitaroNakata,

No real good solution for me, I usually just spam the “Click here to sync” button and it’ll resolve itself. Or if you’re on a second development version or something it could be that it’s actually behind from the live version.

I’ve contacted support about these issues and they usually help me resolve it

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I am getting the same error. My site is down for a week now because I can’t update. I don’t want to leave bubble, but if they can’t fix this I will have to go somewhere else and rewrite my app.

@robinconn— reach out to Bubble support at Also tagging @bubble for visibility.

I was finally able to solve this issue. I had to upgrade my plan to allow me to go back far enough in history. It was trial and error to figure out how far to go back without losing the changes I had made in recent versions,

Hello, I have the same problem now.
Did they (support) help you ?
What can I do here to upload my develpment version to live?
I wanted to delete the live version, if possible, and then upload the development version without this sync issue.

Hi all, I also faced similar issue just now and with hard refresh I could resolve this.

  1. Press ctrl+F5 on editor tab >> it shows conflicting issues to be resolved with a popup on top left >> confirm all the changes to resolve them. >> Once more perform a hard refresh to editor window to ensure everything is cleared.

  2. Followed by similar hard refresh (ctrl+F5) on your live app tab to ensure .

I hope this is helpful.