Revert to old version doesn't allow deploying

Bubble won’t let me “deploy” after I revert my application to an older version. Is anybody else seeing this?

When I click on “History” and revert to the previous save point, it successfully loads the earlier version into development. Unfortunately, then it won’t allow me to deploy.

Clicking Deploy raises a pop-up that declares:

“You’re out of sync with live. Your version doesn’t include recent changes to live. You need to sync these changes with this version before you can deploy. Would you like to sync now?”

And then my only option is to click on “Sync now,” which simply restores what’s already live. Effectively, it’s impossible to restore & deploy the older version.


Hi @ali_p !
You should report this to the Bubble Staff using the Bug Report page, they will help you and respond on 1-2 business days!

Nice Bubbling :smiley:

I learned the solution… This might be a UI bug, since it’s not intuitive. To achieve the desired result:

  • Switch to “Live”
  • Revert Live to ‘previous saved version’
  • (optionally) Switch to “Development” and revert that version to 'previous saved version" as well

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