Cannot edit my live app, development version is blank

Hello Bubble community

I am a newbie (beginner), I cannot find out how to edit my live version of my app. I made a basic app and posted it live with my own URL (It works), but now I cannot edit it. When I enter it I can only see it in the Live (read only version), The Development option doesn’t show anything (completely blank). How can I edit my app?

@palaughton - welcome to Bubble!

When you mention the development version being blank, what exactly are you seeing (or not seeing)? Ie. Are your pages still present in your app but not displaying content? Screenshots or a link to your editor may help.

Two ideas come to mind:

  • You may have inadvertently rolled your back app to a prior state (ie. what the app looked like when you started).
  • There may be a small chance off your app was impacted by the outage last week.

You may already have a hang of the difference between working in development and live, but here’s a quick lesson that covers the differences and considerations.

Hello Dan1

I cannot see anything, no pages, no repeating objects, no elements, it is totally blank. However the data is there (everything else seems gone in the development)

My live app is fine. If it were impacted by the outages, how can I fix this? I have not tried to revert to an older version.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Here is how you revert:

Deployment and version control:

Then just pick the point in time you’d like to revert to:

It will only revert your test version, not live. You can push to live whenever you have things the way you’d like.

Had to do this myself because of the outage…but don’t worry, it’ll be there.

Thanks for this suggestion but I have NO options to revert back to, see the screen shot below:

Further suggestions?

Just enter the date… :wink:

@palaughton - feel free to PM a link to your app and I’ll take a look. (If you do, be sure to change the visibility settings to Everyone can view).

Did you deploy your app at any given point? Does your development version show OK? How are you testing your deployed (live) version, what URL are you using?

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