Live version looks different from development version

I just launched my app to live version and it has minor differences from the development version. Text has different fonts, and is pushed over to the next line in the live version, but looks how I want it in the development version. Certain dropdown’s don’t work in the live version that work in development, etc. Those are the few bugs I’ve found just in a few minutes of scrolling through the live version. Was wondering if anyone knows how I can fix this? Thanks.


Hi @christianszadyr :slight_smile: Just to double-check, have you deployed all of the changes to live? That may explain why some fonts and formatting look different in each enviroment. Are the dropdowns which aren’t working displaying static or dynamic text? Can you share a link to the app editor?

Hi @fayewatson thanks for getting back to me so soon! I got really busy the last two days and never had a chance to respond.

To your first question, I think I deployed all the changes to live but i’m not sure I know what you mean by that so I may be wrong.

The drop downs are dynamic.

and the website live is

I made it editable if you want to play around with it. I hope you can help cause I’m really excited to finally let people use the app!


@christianszadyr No problem at all! :slight_smile:

The deployment history says that you deployed your dev changes to live on May 14th:

Did you make any changes to the development version since then? If so, those changes are present in the development version, but not yet the live version of the app. Deploying the changes to live will make the functionality and design of the live database match your current development version (but not the data).

In regards to the dynamic dropdowns, this is because the development database is different from the live database. For example, in the development database, you have these entries created for the data type “Events”:

But if you click on “Switch to Live” near the right side of the page, no “Events” exist:

In order to copy the development database to the live database, you can go to Data → App Data → and select “Copy and Restore Database”

In the popup that appears, select “Copy development data into the live database” and confirm the operation

*Note: you will not want to perform this action once you have launched and have people using your app. This action will delete the live database and replace it with the development database (thus removing the Users who have signed up in the live database)

Once your app is live and you’ll have Users sign up to use it, those Users’ information will be stored in the live database only, not the development database. You can’t modify live data in the app data tab, though you can in the development data tab. Since you have dynamic dropdowns which will display information from the live database, you can create an ‘admin’ page which allows you to add, modify and delete data in live mode. Here are a couple posts on how to set this up/make sure it’s secure (there are many more throughout the forum since it’s very common to have in an app) :slight_smile:


@fayewatson thank you so much. I remember reading something about the databases being different in the past but didn’t look too much into it since I was so far from launching that I wasn’t too concerned lol. As far as your first question, I didn’t make any font changes after launching to live, but i’m sure I can figure that little bug out, as long as i can get the databases to work so the app is functional i’ll be happy.

I’m going to read up on the links you shared now and hopefully I don’t have too many problems. Thank you for your help!

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I have one question/thought now.

once live, will I be able to make new data types in the dev. version and then move those into the live version? Or would I need to do this on the live admin page?

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My pleasure! :slight_smile:

Yes, data types and fields are the same for dev and live versions when pushed to live; it’s just the data entries themselves that are different between versions :slight_smile:

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